Sunday, November 19, 2017

Autumn Everyday!

Autumn brings death
Preparing for Life
Sweet rich colors
Darkness is just a reminder
Light is coming....

OOPS LOL EW Top @ OOPs Main Store.

OOPS Nightmare Dress @ XXX Event and the Mainstore.

Out of The Mist

Have you ever breathed air
so thick you could taste it?
Seen air so thick you could form it?
Out of that mist. that thought come I..
Nightmare no...
A thought you'll never forget
Never turn your back on..Why?
You never no :)...

Swank Event: Tokyo Mix

Virtual Diva's Dark Swan: Feathers, skater's dress and a crown....

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Dark & Lovely

The sweetness of the cool air
Rolling through the night
The light of eyes seen @ the
stroke of midnight..
Calls to me with a promise..
Lovely to believe its love..

Photo Location:   Hipville Halloween

OOPS UNHOLLY DRESS in dark purple.

Hair by Tameless, Shoes by Prey, Jewelry by Dahlinks, Yak Yeti, Chic Chica, Rockn'Rose. Tattoo by Elements

OOPS Laced Dress comes with a HUD of 6 colors.

OOPS Eclipse Top

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Blossoms On The Wind

A breeze
A fragrance so sweet
gently on the tip of my nose
Nothing's as sweet....

Swank Event: Tokyo Mix

Prey outfit Kyoto includes shoes, vest and pants with scarf belt.

Virtual Diva's Poses Doll and Geisha Hair.

Makeup: Avada KoKoro and AKAI Ten Makeup

Luxe Paris TokYO Dress, Kanji and Dragon Dream Dress


Sunday, September 10, 2017

TAP into AUTUMN...

Autumn is coming...
Things are turning from green to
earth colors.
It's amazing what the seasons can do...


Featured outfit Le Fashion Whore's Gypsy Top and Skirt comes with a HUD to customize your look.

Style Card: Hair by ICONIC, Hair Piece by Lode, Jewelry by Heartsdale, Boots by Prey.

Featured: Lunar Seasonal Design Tree lounge, chair, lamp with stumps of flowers and vases.

Featured: SoHo Shoes: Maggie Ankle Boots.

Featured item: Spartin Parx Poses for couples, but you can admire yourself too :).

LARA AC design Pamels ( Jeans and leather jacket.)

LARA AC : WILDROSE outfit. Includes jacket skirt and boots. Classic and mesh body compatible.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Retro Forward...

What man has gained
putting his hand to the plow
and then look back?
Only the man who is willing
to learn from the past
while moving in the present
making a better tomorrow.

LM: Swank Retro Event

CW's Lis Gown in Champagne.

CW's Lis Gown in Summer

Style Card: Hair by Emotion and Shoes by Glamistry

Luxe Paris Mondrian dress with matching purse. Also featured is MW's Shine Bright Jukebox.

Style Card: Hair by Emotions and Shoes by subculture

Avada Valley Girl Lipstick and Heartsdale earrings (necklace also available)

TM Creations Rose Gazebo and wood path with 
ferns and flowers.

TM Creations rug with animations.

TM Creation rock seating....

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Turn Back Time...

Moving backward..
Seeing what had past..
Seeing what is now new..
Never forgetting..
Never letting go of the imagination..
It brings us from the past..
To the future..

Swank Retro Event!!!
All Poses: Glitter Pose Olivia

Irrisistible Disco Diva exclusively @ Swank. Jumpsuit, Jewerly, boots and fro brings together the sexy 60s.

Irrisistible Crazy Watermelon outfit. Get a feel of the Ziegfeld Follies with the number. The dress shoes , water melon pieces and a piece to eat :).

Irrisistible Valentina has the feel of retro Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast @ Tiffany. It includes the dress, heels, bracelet, purse, headscarf and hair.

All of the outfits shown in this blog have on NAIL IT Retro  collection. These can also be found @ SWANK.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Mood Indigo

Blue Black
Rich Coal
Dark Crease
My mind can be found..
Alone contemplating...

OOps Dora Pants Group Gift available @ the mainstore.
Style Card: Hair Argrace, Bra Prey

Style Card: Hair Argrace, Bra Prey, Tears Zuri Indyan

oops Dark Fable outfit @ Fable 2 Once Upon A Time
Style Card: Hair HOB, Shoes: Empire, Jewelry: GB
Photo Location: Dark Monk Dark Metal sim

OOPs Santuary Wings @ the mainstore.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Turning back Time...

The Memory plays tricks.
Are you in the mirror?
Have we floated into a new zone?
A new dimension?

Featured item- Prey's Foe includes military capri pants, open crop top, gas mask all found @ Prey  for 199L

Style Card: Hair: Envogue, Tattoo: Eydis, Boots: MW Boa, Earrings: Kungler, Sword: F*cking Ninja
Photo Location: 3D Prime A Postmodern Cyberpunk Dystopia

Prey's Agatha set includes a crisp loose white blouse with an A-line print skirt, a red ribbon belt and sandals. Agatha is on exclusive special for 50L until its sold out. Only 100 will be sold and there were 88 left when I last checked @ Prey .

Style Card: Hair: JacQ, Jewelry: Kungler, Tote: Indy&Co
Photo Location: Wholesome Foods Organic Market

Prey's Netti strap top with full black skirt. Found @ Swank Retro Event.
Style Card: Hair: Hob Hair, Jewelry bracelet (kungler) Earrings (GB), Shoes: Empire
Photo Location : 1920s,1930s, 1940s Berlin

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bright Day!

Be you!
Show your style..
You make the clothes..
You live out loud in them...
Every day will be

B Barbie Style Mainstore

BBS Nannette (Gold) for a night on the town....

Photo Location: Down On The Corner.

BBS Kari Sexy Monokini  (Green) for the non tan lines  for a day on the beach.

Style Card: Hair by Argrace, Earrings by Kungler

BBS Marie (blue); Fringe long shirt with denim short

Style Card: Hair by Virtual Diva

Photo Location: ELF Skybox and store

Do You Mind?

If I stand here.. 
Look @ you..
You look.. 
@ me..
What will we do?
We'll decide together..

OOPs Seduction Mini Bikini for that sexy moment on the rocks can be found @ XXX Event.

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Style Card: Hair by Virtual Diva, Earring by Kungler and Lipstick by POEMA.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I Got Steam Heat from the Tropics..

Wow it's so hot
the moisture gathers
on my skin...
I feel the steam
I feel the sizzle
To hot to

Swank Event Tropical Island Heat

JS Creations Palm dress in purple, blue, green, red, cyan and pink. @ Swank.

Letituier has  the unique Island girl look the  Rapunzel and Ninfa hairstyles @ Swank.

Somerset Calypso Swimsuit with wrap. It's a lovely look for YOU! @ Swank.

Style Card: Hair ICONIC; Bracelet Finemith

Beautiful Heartsdale Dulhan II Set Haara. The 2 piece set of beautiful gems @ Swank.

Want to lay on the beach in a bed? I do. MW Deluxe Beach Hut Bed in blue. You can find it @ Swank.

Like my nails and lipstick? They are by Poema and You Got The Look and can be found @ Swank.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dark Tropics

Rolling waves
Beating the shores
wrestling for it's place
over the sun
I stare in awe
and give way to the waves
as they wash over me.

[IN] Sanity 's Rihanna dress with or without lace. You can find this dark sexy number @ The Darkness Event.

POEMA IKONIK Lips @ Swank Event Comes with a HUD for OMEGA and CATWA mesh as well.

You Got The Look Summer Nails in Pink and blue @ Swank Event

KiKay Lollipop pose with and without (see above Insanity dress) props @ KiKay Mainstore.