Sunday, June 10, 2018

OOPS Did it Again!

They are working their creative magic...
Enjoy these new releases...

Featured: The Barbosa Outfit includes Corset, skirt ( comes in black and stripped), Hat and patch in 3 different colors.

Secret Affair Event 6/5- 7/5/18

Featured item: Kitten Outfit (includes a crop halter and bikini panties, stockings as well as a kitten mask.) comes in black and white.

Darkness Monthly Event

Featured: Luna Dress which includes a HUD for 6 color changes.

OOPS Group Gift

Style Card: Hair by Truth and Lipstick by Just Magnetize 

SLC and S&B New Releases

Fresh air 
and Moonlight
This collection gives you
something for both.

Featured items:  Knotted Top                        Corset Lingerie                            Cowgirl Style   
 ( comes with a HUD for color change)    (includes corset and thong)            (Shirt and Jeans)

Style Card: Hair by Truth, Earring by Glint Shoes by Glamistry

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Get Down Girl!

How much does it take
How much you you want
How much do you need
To be the one..
The one with no words???

💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓--------> Bell

Saturday, May 12, 2018


I cannot be defined
You are Prey
I'm preying
:) I got you :).

Prey Mainstore

Serena includes: Jacket with crop T, jogger pants, and sneakers

Style Card: Hair by Analog Dog, Basketball by Millo Cooperfield

Thursday, May 10, 2018

There are No Safe Words :)

Tie me up
I'll call your name..
Tie me down
I'll burst in flames
No safe words needed...
Just Us..

XXX Original Event
OOPS Main Store

Featured item: Lila Harness comes with a HUD for different textures.
                         Nipple Covers from the Lust outfit found in the main store.

Style Card: Hair by Shi, Mask by DS, Shoes by Glamistry, Arm Chain by Finesmith, Studded Panties by FasterPussyCat, Eye make up by Zibska.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Lovely Day!!

Lovely Day
Lovely Time
Subtle Elegance
Luxe Paris shines ...

Here  are some items from their 2018 Spring Collection.

Luxe Paris Mainstore

Featured outfits: 1. Stylish Black Maxi Skirt, Top and Jacket.
     2. Beaded one piece swimsuit
                        3. Anoushka Dress sleeveless maxi dress.

Style Card: Hair by Analog Dog, Foot Flowers  and Jewelry by Glint, Sandals by Glamistry

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Rub the Bottle!!

I'm a Genie
in a bottle
Rub the bottle
and PREY!

Find this item @
Darkness Event

Featured item: Genie includes metal halter top and black harem  pants.

Style Card: Hair by Shi, Jewelry by Glint


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Lights Camera...Prey!

Blue Light on the ocean
The path to style...
The path to Prey!

PE PRECAST EVENT  May 1st- the 15th

Featured item: Millionaire Gown

Style Card: Hair by ICONIC, Jewelry by Glint, Clutch by LG, Makeup by Zibska, Feather Shaw by Gold

Dark and Sexy Anyone??


Featured the Meghan Dress, super dark, super sexy!

Style Card: Hair and Hat, by ICONIC, Necklace by Glint (Tree of Life)

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Trunk Show Event: Sparkling and Shining


Featured: ( starting top left corner)1, Silver Opal earring with necklace, 2.Glitter Ring Leaves Set, 3.Turquoise Bead St, 4. Lovin Music Hoop earrings, 5. Pewter Tree of Life Necklace 6. Chelsea Necklace Set. 7. (bottom Right Corner) Angel Skies 8. Peace Mushroom Necklace 9. Random Rings Set 10. (Bottom Left corner) Brown Leather Bracelet with Turquoise Stones 11. & 12. Jade Stones Beads Bracelets (2) and Necklace 13. (Center) Bead Flower Foot Cord.


Featured Shoes: (Top) Etoilerose in Black and Tan.
                           (Bottom) Queen Melody in Black and Tan

Style Card: Drape Mini Dress freed gift from Face Paint Hair by ICONIC.



Friday, April 27, 2018

Bunnies and Butterflies!!! ....Prey

Bunnies and Butterflies
Fun and Beautiful
Never ending

Prey Mainstore

The Daisy Dress: Mini A-line dress, Bunny veil and sexy heels.

Field of Dreams to Prey

Our dreams are like fields
Laid out before us
Which one will you choose...


Featured item: (Field Angel) Strap Top, wings, denim skirt and boots with wings and blue socks.

Featured item: (Spring Up) Jacket, shorts, bra top and thigh high boots.

Featured item (Street Angel) Bra, Shorts, Wings and thigh high boots.



Sunday, April 15, 2018

Prey On Playettes

He Likes the way you work it
The way you move..
You are his moon..
You are the Queen
He is the Prey..
No doubt!

Prey Mainstore:

Featured Weekly outfit: Nancy Dress with matching shoes.

Hair by Shi

April Gift

Featured Cheryl Tunic Top

Hair by Analog Dog, Leggies by Ego Bracelet by Klunger