Sunday, April 15, 2018

Prey On Playettes

He Likes the way you work it
The way you move..
You are his moon..
You are the Queen
He is the Prey..
No doubt!

Prey Mainstore:

Featured Weekly outfit: Nancy Dress with matching shoes.

Hair by Shi

April Gift

Featured Cheryl Tunic Top

Hair by Analog Dog, Leggies by Ego Bracelet by Klunger

Bunny to Life

There are so many sides to us..
From the Fantasy to the real..
Be you πŸ’—

Dark Bunny in Black and White @ OOPS

Includes: body suit, strap sandals and mask with ears

Hair by Rowne

Featured: Clair Gown
Hair by Truth, Hat by Lode and Jewelry by Klunger

Featured: Sundress

Hair by Analog Dog

Featured: cropped top with and without a print.
Middle: Causal Easter

Friday, March 30, 2018

Back, Back and Forth and Forth

I hear the song
But its a move
Traveling back and forth to:


Featured Outfit: Noir The Weekly Item : Included feathered crop top with a brass halter collar and harem pants.

Style Card: Hair by Shi, Earring by Kungler and Shoes by Zibiska

Featured Outfit: Borealis : Gown, Halo Crown and Mask

Earrings by Kungler, Shoes by Zibiska


Flowering Blooming It's Spring!

Rise and Shine
It's Spring!

S & B Mainstore

Featured Outfit: S&B Sundresses. Each dress comes with a HUD for different textures and colors.

Style Card: Hair: Analog Dog, Jewelry by Kungler

Featured Outfit: Crop Tops Print and Solid. Also Casual Happy Easter Set (Hat, Carrot,Top, Pants, Boots)

πŸ’Style Card: Hair: Truth


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Life As Prey!


Sprinkle some fun in
with a little creativity
You are Prey!!!

Outfit: The Spartan includes Breast plate, Harness, Helmet and Harem pants.
Style Card: Supernatural Tattoo  gold front, Elemental Tattoo right shoulder, Sinner Gloves from OOPs, Earrings by Kungler

Outfit: Remy includes top, waist shirt, shorts, socks and boots.

Style card: Gloves by OOps, Head Wrap by L&H, Earring by Klunger, Makeup by Zibska

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

OOPS ! Black Rain

Black Rain
Dark in the night
puddles wet with mud
Rain clear and awesome
Dark in its power
Cleansing in its power!

OOPS Mainstore:

Don't for get to join the group. This month the gift is the Loredana Sweater

Loredana Sweater comes with w HUD for 2 different looks.

Machiavellian Top it's classic and designer body compatible. Also comes with HUD with 8 different designs.
You can find it @ Dark Chambers Event

Sinner Gloves comes with a HUD with 6 color changes. You can get it  @ XXX Event

AKasha Pants comes with HUD for 6 different colors. Find Akasha @ The Darkness Monthly Event.

See you next time πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Be Mine...Be My Prey :)

Into my web said the spider.
Be my heart
Be my light
Be mine
Be myyyyyyyy Prey

Featured outfit : Prey Confined Silver chained top and Red Glitter SKirt

Style Card: Hair by Unorothodox, Earrings by !IT!, Glasses by FineSmith and Shoes by Glamistry

Prey: Gift LUX Shift dress and Gas Mask

Style Card: Hair by Boon, Shoes by Aria

Friday, December 29, 2017

Sophisticated Christmas!

Wonderful time of the year..
Laid back
smooth feeling
slaying with
no stops...
That's how I enjoy the Holidays.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
 Visit Swank...Winter Wonderland

IP Nails Collection A Touch of Frost...

JS Holly Gown featured: Gold , Pearl and Snow.

IT Angelic Wings Earring...

Park Place Christmas Style: Winter Green Sofa, coffee table (animated) and a snow ball, fireplace with wreath and candles, ottoman, tree wall ornament and Christmas jar.

Style Card: Hair by Vanity

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Autumn Springs Forth!

Crisp air
so fresh its like you never breathed before
Flows on my skin pricks it to life
...Can you feel this is my favorite time?
There is nothing like autumn :).

Swank: Colors of Autumn

Luna's Autumn Nails has 10 different styles.

Serendipty Autumn display includes: sofa, sofa table, coffee table, fireplace, wall decor, etc..

Prism Lara Panne Velvet Lace Dress comes with a HUD for 5 color changes. It's by Journey  for Prism.

PurpleMoon Autumn Decor for the Fall.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Cornucopia of Color

Times are changing...
Colors are vibrant...
Sunshine shines bright in the night...
The light of the day
brings a new...

Swank Retro Event

Location Shoot: Silver Tiger Relaxing Garden

 Featured item: Paisley Daisy's All The Leaves in blue.
Heartsdale Jewelry earrings , necklace and bracelet featured in this blog.

Location Shoot: Aeros Pines

VD Hair Touche2

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Autumn Everyday!

Autumn brings death
Preparing for Life
Sweet rich colors
Darkness is just a reminder
Light is coming....

OOPS LOL EW Top @ OOPs Main Store.

OOPS Nightmare Dress @ XXX Event and the Mainstore.

Out of The Mist

Have you ever breathed air
so thick you could taste it?
Seen air so thick you could form it?
Out of that mist. that thought come I..
Nightmare no...
A thought you'll never forget
Never turn your back on..Why?
You never no :)...

Swank Event: Tokyo Mix

Virtual Diva's Dark Swan: Feathers, skater's dress and a crown....

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Dark & Lovely

The sweetness of the cool air
Rolling through the night
The light of eyes seen @ the
stroke of midnight..
Calls to me with a promise..
Lovely to believe its love..

Photo Location:   Hipville Halloween

OOPS UNHOLLY DRESS in dark purple.

Hair by Tameless, Shoes by Prey, Jewelry by Dahlinks, Yak Yeti, Chic Chica, Rockn'Rose. Tattoo by Elements

OOPS Laced Dress comes with a HUD of 6 colors.

OOPS Eclipse Top