Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 2: Dance Styling

I finally got up the nerve to try a styling event. I chose to style hip hop because the dances are creative but there is a whole lifestyle that goes along with it. So I dressed and I'm in the backstage waiting to be called. I practice walking and posing feeling restless. Finally my name is called...I walk out and I hit my first mark, everything is going fine. I haven't over walked the stage or missed my mark. I move to the second mark and my poses freeze. I'm frozen in one pose. I start to panic, then I just started turning my ao off and on to simulate posing. I just finished the runway in that mode. Then when I went to stand and wait for the judges decision....guess what? You guessed right, my poses began to work lol. Fortunately, I tied for 3rd. It was quite an experience I will never forget. See, I even forgot to take a picture at the event. Readers, I'll do better next time :).

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