Sunday, March 9, 2014

***International Women's Day! : We party like rock stars!***

Hi Readers,

Yesterday, March 8, 2014 was International Women's Day. I don't know if everyone realized it, but we partied like we did. Who could not celebrate womanhood?  We have a way about us that changes any situation. We are the effectors of change. We don't have to be the leader all the time, but we give birth to them, we influence them and we take anything we are given and make it come alive. We, ladies are a gift to our families, friends, employers etc. SL paid homage to that in it's different ways.

 JardenAlexis and PBC had a rocking party in the Galaxy Room.

The Bunny Isles had a great party featuring DJ Katia. She played smooth RNB, the best thing for women who are naturally soulful. We danced and enjoyed the day donating to the Kenya Project which was also good for the soul. After DJ Katia set ended we heard the rock sounds and mixes of DJ Dimitri. I do believe at this point we began channeling Tina Turner :)(1970s Tina). Ladies, we also shared the day a little with a man :). We celebrated the birthday of Harambee manager, Lotrec Oh. We had quite a crowd.

The last event of the day celebrated the rez day of Kelsey and Hezabel. These ladies are with the NEXUS Modeling Group. DJ Misbigred was holding it down with the some hot sounds from the Gap Band to a remix of Donna Summer's Bad Girl. Well there is a little bad girl in every woman :). We'll keep that undercover for now. I do believe I worked up a serious sweat :).

Now I  slow my day down with Billy Joel. I love this song. I just wanted to share it, because ladies, we are special and we have a way about us. Even if you don't know what it is, believe me someone around you does :). Happy International Women's Day!!!!

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