Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Shocking, The Brave, The Edgy: THE NEXUS!

Maple Thorpe shocked the art world with his bold new view of this world. Grace Jones turned the runway upside down with her brazen presence on many runways around the world and now Nexus has brought that feeling to the runways of SL. The vision of Ava Jhamin, Hezabel Blackheart and Karlin James Zepp came alive on the brand new runway of the Nexus group. This was their grand opening show and they did it with style, drama and impact. There was nothing weak about this show.

The Dazzlers open the show with dramatic dance routines, The models skated out so fast, girl I don't have many picture to show (lol) and DJ Missbigred rocked the place with songs like, "Happy" by Pharrel (one of my favorites) to the remake of brilliant classical number with  a voice, I thought sounded like the lyrical soprano , Katherine Battle. This grand opening had it all. The team of AKH made it clear to the audience present they were not an ordinary runway and to be on their runway is a privilege and not a right. It's a privilege you earned  by imagination and hard work. With that being said let me show you what I saw while you rock out on something by my girl, Grace Jones.


Designs Showcased:        Poses by: Isomotion      Music spun by: DJ Missbigred
Romance Couture
No Name
and a good time was had by all!!!


  1. Bell, thanks so much for that awesome entry! <3

  2. Zoomy you all did a great job!! I could not wait to post it.

  3. I am so honored at your words. Thank you.. it was due to the amazing work of these models that all was possible. I cannot thank them enough. The absolute best group I've ever had the pleasure to work with in my 3-years-plus in SL.

  4. Hezabel, it takes a vision to follow in order for direction to be clear. You guys gave the vision and the models ran with it. GREAT JOB!!