Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fashion and Music Perfect Together!

Hi everyone,

If you are like me, you love music and it inspires you. July 19, 2015 1:00pm SLT, come let jazz inspire you to help build schools in Kenya.  We will have the great sounds of  The PIXEL FUSION BAND. The members are:

Enricob Yamdev (Enrico)

Although an accomplished musician in RL on several instruments, Enrico is currently concentrating on the piano and synthesizer in SL.  At his SL concerts, he typically performs some of his own pieces as well as those of well-known artists and composers of RL.  Enrico is a long-time veteran of SL concerts and has previously performed weekly concerts at various venues such as the well-known
Sphynx Jazz Club as well as numerous live band concerts with the Jazz Fusion B-Band.

Fuzzy Coleslaw (Odette) is a very talented musician who plays the bass and keyboards as well as sometimes accompanying Enrico at the piano for special duets.

Felicity Fromund (SammyJo) is an amazing and accomplished drummer and percussionist.
They make a special trio of a fresh and wonderful jazz music

Style card: Red dress,Amity platforms from Lavian, Lazuri pearls in black and hair by SLINK. Jacket from Ana Markovac, pants designed by mystical edenflower and Jewelry from Eve express. My hair is from Tameless.

So come join us. Wear your red to unite with us in this great cause. Every donation no matter how great or small helps change a life in Kenya.

Here's your limo  PIXEL CONCERT!

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