Monday, August 10, 2015

LUXEPARIS: Madamoiselle Outfit!

Hi Readers,

 Summer is still hot and fashion is just as hot! I have spent a lot of time doing HUNTS! I asked myself. I said LuLuBell...(I always call myself LuLuBell). ..What should I wear today? Well I decided to wear this Peasant Skater's dress from LuxePARIS House named Mademoiselle. It's a sexy, yet comfortable outfit for any occasion.

Okay, I wore this dress to a hunt on Bunny Isles where I got this trellis for 1L. 

The trellis has a kissing animation for you and your sweetheart. 

So pick up the Mademoiselle  dress @ LUXEPARIS HOUSE and go a huntin at Bunny Isles.



Rest of my styling:

Makeup: Face Paint Marie Blue
Hair: Messy Sloppy Bun designer, Ava Lu
Jewelry: Sky Imagine earrings
Footwear: Lorelei boots from Liv-Glam

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