Saturday, September 19, 2015

Still Feeling That Summer Breeze....

Summer breeze makes me feel fine.....
Flowing through the Jasmine of my mind.....(I love the Isley Brothers :) )

Color was exciting this summer.
We wore the things that excited us...

This summer styling I did is a mix and match and full of fun color..
Styled using parts of  items I like ..
To make a new outfit..
Check it out...
Try yours!

Style Card: Jacket- Luxe Paris Shirt Psyche
                   Tank- VG Beater- Fuschia , Designer: Chloris Hathor MP
                   Slacks-Vogue Gaucho pants in purple
                   Shoes- LIV-Glam Meadows MP

Style Card: Sunglasses- ELF GROUP
                    Hair- Boon- cropped base and DSY966 in brown
                    Makeup- HighLife )Now Legendaire) - Eyes and Lips ANNE/Zivaah Purple
                    AMACCI  Eyelashes- Charm
                    Jewelry- MANDALA-  Osenbei, Pale Gold
                    Eyes- IKON - green, Hope
                    Skin- Deesses

Thanks for reading my blog!

Have a great day and be creative!

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