Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bayou Dreaming!!


Louisiana Uniqueness

Bayou Richness

We danse (creole word for dance) @ VoodooBayou

Pouponer (to make yourself look nice) in your Ana Markova Designs.

Fuh shore (that's the truth) you place a spell ever lasting...


Ana Markova Designs Mandalay dress and jacket wears well while relaxing and listening to good Cajun music,
I'm wearing the blue paisley an exclusive design @ On9 in 7 colors and prints.

Style Jewelry: Lazuri Pearls and earringsShoes: [LG] {Ivy's Atelier} Fall 2014-Idette Heels, designer Ivyana Szondi

Style Card: Hair: Envogue, Naarnisse Brown
                                                        Makeup: FacePaint designed by Eve Express

This fun warm sweater dress from Ana's exclusive release is called the Layne and I am wearing royal.
This sexy and playful number can be found @ SWANK  in 11 bon gou koule' (delicious colors).
The boots are Rebakah  from LaVian also in royal blue :).

Style Card: Hair Betty BB in Brown
                           Makeup:Glamorize:. That's Her! Makeup - Combo 1

Style Card: Pants: Luxe Paris Lolita Gown Leggings

Enjoy the video! Learn the Bayou's a fun dance. Then click on member and join me on this journey through the grid in style :)).

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