Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter Flowers...

I love winter
Life Asleep
Nourished trees and grass
Flowers waiting for their time under snow
Snow the sand of winter landscapes
Wonderful flowing reflecting light in darkness...

Mix and match designers and find a winter style that is you.
I wanted to wear something a little like designer Peter Lim's 2015 Collection.
I loved the long vest in his male 2015 fall/winter collection.
I took that look and feminized it a little.

Here is how I did it: 

Vest: Dollle 034 Fur Long Vest Coat -designer: Crystal Doll Lemon Loc: Niramyth(215,80,1000)
Turtleneck: Paradise Sweater- designer: Ankhari Tammi Lo : Lingua Franca (206,156,22)
Harem Pants: NN Harem Pants -designer: Nigella Nightfire Loc: marketplace
Winter boots: Slink High: KC Yeti Winter Boots: Loc- marketplace
Makeup:Pink Acid Gloss and Blush- Stasey Oller- marketplace
Hair:Pink Hair in Brown from Vitural Diva Loc: See (88,20,1801)
Jewelry: Twisted Golden Set-marketplace
Bracelet: Kenyan Bracelet- designer: Loredana Loring
Back Pack: DE; Shoulder bag

All of these photos were taken at the Frisland sim. Beautiful winter wonderland.

Winter flowers.... in this beautiful place...
Make up your own winter look and place it on my flickr group..ELF
Let me see your style.

We hold the key to the world's destiny...

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