Monday, July 11, 2016

Welcome To My World...

Hi there,

Featured outfit: Tan and Turquoise African outfit. Jewelry and dress from Harambee - Gwassi Kenya  Hunt on Bunny Isles.

Welcome to my home. I am so glad you came...

Have a nice smooth lemon/orange cocktail.

A beautiful meal with  apples and melons to refresh your pallet.

A wonderful night all for you :).

I love to entertain, but at the end of the night my cat Daisy and I lay back and relax! 

All these items can be found in the Harambee-Gwassi Kenya Hunt for 1L.

African outfit with jewelry
The cocktails and food
The African ottoman and cat with animations.

Relaxing and ending  the night with yoga and a quiet sit near the pond.
Featured outfit is from LuxeParis Yoga in Lime.

Come on over :)



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