Friday, December 2, 2016

Creep Creep Creep....

Hello my lovelies..
Welcome to my layer
All are welcome
Nothing is impossible
All is possible...

Come into my web...said the spider to the Prey..
Creep Creep Creep Creep..

Featured outfits:( 1) Calista is the crop shirt with a maxi vest and denim shorts.
Also the (2) Draven which is a tee with a leather jacket and gray jeans and knee boots.

Style Card (1) Hair -Letitieur (Crazy),Necklace-Zibaska, Shoes- Glamistry
(2) Hair- Tuty Afro, Earrings- Zibaska

Featured outfit: Dark elf includes the leather body suit, sleeves and mega heels.

Style Card: Hair- Letitieur Taiwan, Jewelry - Finesmith, crown, wings and wand

Featured outfit: Lillith which includes halter top with a triple layer collar, the maxi skirt, arm spikes and the crown of horns.'
Style card: Hair- Tuty, Tattoo Shadow

Featured outfit: Ladies Padded Jacket the December gift from Prey..

Style card: Hair- Unorthodox, Leggings- Egoisme, Jewelry- earring-Legendaire necklace- Kungler,
Shoes- Glamistry.

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