Saturday, May 13, 2017

Wild Spring

Quiet storms do the most..
Changing the land..
Spring budding so graceful..
Clashes against the pollen..
Spreading bringing new life..
What's new in you???
Is it Wild????

XH&A Spring Suit with Hat../ IP Spring Nails (Purple). Glitter Poses Emma 7

Style Card: Hair exxcess, Shoes Glamistry, Jewerly Finesmith

Poeme Brisas Top and Wrap.../ IP Spring Nails (Pink)/ IT Cute Butterfly Bracelet (Pink). Pose VD Pinup # 1

Style Card: Hair Kokolores

Ghostyss Clarise Dress roses on this dainty, but sexy dress. Accessorized with IP Nails in green. 

Style Card: Hair Kokolores/ Sunglasses Vero Modero

LRD Sandra Dress (Yellow) w/ color HUD/ IP Spring Nails Nude, Glitter Pose Emma 10

Style Card: Hair Rowne, Earrings Toffah Arabia

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