Saturday, July 22, 2017

I Got Steam Heat from the Tropics..

Wow it's so hot
the moisture gathers
on my skin...
I feel the steam
I feel the sizzle
To hot to

Swank Event Tropical Island Heat

JS Creations Palm dress in purple, blue, green, red, cyan and pink. @ Swank.

Letituier has  the unique Island girl look the  Rapunzel and Ninfa hairstyles @ Swank.

Somerset Calypso Swimsuit with wrap. It's a lovely look for YOU! @ Swank.

Style Card: Hair ICONIC; Bracelet Finemith

Beautiful Heartsdale Dulhan II Set Haara. The 2 piece set of beautiful gems @ Swank.

Want to lay on the beach in a bed? I do. MW Deluxe Beach Hut Bed in blue. You can find it @ Swank.

Like my nails and lipstick? They are by Poema and You Got The Look and can be found @ Swank.

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