Saturday, August 19, 2017

Retro Forward...

What man has gained
putting his hand to the plow
and then look back?
Only the man who is willing
to learn from the past
while moving in the present
making a better tomorrow.

LM: Swank Retro Event

CW's Lis Gown in Champagne.

CW's Lis Gown in Summer

Style Card: Hair by Emotion and Shoes by Glamistry

Luxe Paris Mondrian dress with matching purse. Also featured is MW's Shine Bright Jukebox.

Style Card: Hair by Emotions and Shoes by subculture

Avada Valley Girl Lipstick and Heartsdale earrings (necklace also available)

TM Creations Rose Gazebo and wood path with 
ferns and flowers.

TM Creations rug with animations.

TM Creation rock seating....

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