Saturday, August 5, 2017

Turning back Time...

The Memory plays tricks.
Are you in the mirror?
Have we floated into a new zone?
A new dimension?

Featured item- Prey's Foe includes military capri pants, open crop top, gas mask all found @ Prey  for 199L

Style Card: Hair: Envogue, Tattoo: Eydis, Boots: MW Boa, Earrings: Kungler, Sword: F*cking Ninja
Photo Location: 3D Prime A Postmodern Cyberpunk Dystopia

Prey's Agatha set includes a crisp loose white blouse with an A-line print skirt, a red ribbon belt and sandals. Agatha is on exclusive special for 50L until its sold out. Only 100 will be sold and there were 88 left when I last checked @ Prey .

Style Card: Hair: JacQ, Jewelry: Kungler, Tote: Indy&Co
Photo Location: Wholesome Foods Organic Market

Prey's Netti strap top with full black skirt. Found @ Swank Retro Event.
Style Card: Hair: Hob Hair, Jewelry bracelet (kungler) Earrings (GB), Shoes: Empire
Photo Location : 1920s,1930s, 1940s Berlin

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