Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day one : Finding My legs

Modeling, when we watch on TV  we think, oh that's easy. In SL we say the same thing...that is until we begin the process. Modeling in rl takes work on the outer layer and other skills that make you sought  out as a top model. In SL, it's easy to be beautiful, just a couple of clicks on the computer you have instant beauty. SL modeling I find is more than a look; its skill and personality. Its learning formations and helping another who may not get it. I found this all out on my first day.

Walking down the runway the first time in practice brought out nerves I never experienced before. Then another time I went to a styling event I was not supposed to be in and stumbled through that (LOL). All in all I have tripped, over run my marks and walked like a flakey newbie to the applause of my teachers, friends and fellow students who encourage each other not to stop, keep going because its all a process. Next time I see modeling in the real, I will remember my first day experience then applaud and encourage that new model in her hope to be a Top Model. I am just beginning.....

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