Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tribute for Summit Beaumont: Super Friend and Super Model!

Hi Readers,

I have to take a moment and share something with you. This week I found out a friend and fellow model died from cancer in real. This has been a very difficult thing for me to accept because she has been a good friend almost from the beginning of my appearance into the modeling world in SL. Her name was Summit Beaumont. I met Summit at the Classic With Style modeling academy back in November of 2012. I joined the modeling group to learn something so I could do well in a contest. She was in my class; we all had fun, encouraged each other and became like family. I still was not feeling modeling, but she made it so much fun and a challenge. We did styling shows together and all of us had fun. Summit was the kind of person who was not afraid to share when she learned something new. When Summit learned it...we all did right after she mastered it. She never put her interest above the group. This is rare in SL where people try to hurt others, gossip and speak ill of others on social media because someone else joined another organization. In real she was a giver and that was her real self...  She recently went to the doctor after not being able to because of many of the reasons we all repeat everyday. It was a regular checkup in January when the doctor found she had cancer. She started chemotherapy right away and shared her hopefulness with all of us. I was hopeful. When I found she died suddenly last month less than a month of her diagnosis; its a shock to the system. There are few people like her in SL and I feel so honored to have known her, shared a runway with her and produced shows she was in. Below  are photos of the last show she did for the Harambee group (aka Kenyan Project) and photos of times past.

Our graduation from CWS in 2012

New Year Style Show 2013 at CWS (Summit to the left in white me in the middle)

Sage Fashion Show for CWS with Summit. (2013)

Summit  in the opening fashion show for L'Amour Productions. (2014)

The Harambee show photos November 2014

Summit was one of a kind. Please if you know someone who needs a checkup encourage them before its too late. We are losing too many people to things when early detection could extend a life. I miss my friend and I just wanted to share her with all my readers. Thanks for indulging me. We all need comfort after this sudden loss. This is one of my favorite songs by CeCe Winans. I hope it brings you comfort too.

Comforter by CeCe Winans on Grooveshark


  1. We so so sad RIP thX bell tell us Agee n I R so sad !

  2. Actually we in shock wow 😔😔RIP my dear summit !! We love you from Agee & Ziggy

  3. I thought you guys knew, but I know you both were happy to have known her. She took the pettiness out of modeling and made it fun. I am still a little in shock.

    1. No no sweetie we had no idea she pass until today when u write that amazing blog tribute just stunning !! no tengas miedo, que ya nos hacemos mayores. Basta con que el Señor nos conceda salud. La Providencia nos ayudará. ¡Lucharemos y seguiremos luchando!no tengas miedo, que ya nos hacemos mayores. Basta con que el Señor nos conceda salud. La Providencia nos ayudará. ¡Lucharemos y seguiremos luchando!

  4. Thoughtful of you, Bell, to keep her spirit and kind nature alive with those who loved and admired her. Yes it is a shock, which is why we need to be more kind to each other in SL & RL, because one never knows how we too will be remembered...

  5. Praxi you are so right. If it were not for Summit's kindness I would of just missed her quietly and moved on without further thought. It is rare to meet someone who never criticized, but her words were always constructive. We all came through CWS together and a lot of people talked negative about the organization and Anrol. Well, Summit, the other students and even our teachers were the best. We all bonded there and never let go no matter what groups we all went into after CWS closed. That constructive talk is what we were taught. When we all left CWS, we all found serious critics, nastiness, coldness, liars and even down right devious people. We all encouraged each other to keep going on. We are all building new relationships and finding people who know how to build and not destroy. Summit was one of those who would say just ignore negativity and be yourself. I am quiet often when I do not know a person, but I make it my business to help anyone that asks.. Summit left that with all of us.