Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All That Jazz Styling

Contestants waiting for the outcome!

Ms. Chevia, always at her best :)!

Hey Readers, tonight's styling was "All That Jazz". It was very interesting seeing  every one's interpretation of the times. It was vastly different. You know readers this is a great place to learn. Modeling in SL is much larger and you can do so much here but, first you have to train. You will learn a lot of things at CWA that will help you as you travel through this world of SL modeling. You'll learn your craft but, also you'll learn what your  priorities are.  When you know what you want out of it all....nothing else matters. :).  It was a good night for all.  Come see us :)    

The winner were:
 1st  :   -Timberlynn
             2nd-  SweetYuna 
                           3rd-   Ziggy-zig-Jeno
  For more visit:
       Congratulations to the Winners of tonight Styling &

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