Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fashion Show Glitter

Today's featured designs were Glamour Style:

Readers the designer of tonight's event is:Ms. Shine Messmer

                                  Ms. Shine Messmer: The woman with the vision.

Her close had the feel for an easy style that any woman can incorporate in her life. The colors were classic so a model or a mom can wear these items and still feel stylish. I like the simple and clean effect of clothes myself so I can relate to this line. It accents the woman and her style instead of the clothes alone. It is the model, the woman that gives it life.

Liberty in a pink sweater dress with matching head band  looks soothing and comfortable. 

        Tiffany looks beautiful in this ice blue evening set. She shines in it. 

Sweetyuna brought a lot of joy to her outfits. She looks stunning in the red evening gown.
Lisana stands out as she leads the models into a dance and a grateful bow to all. 

Readers the afternoon was beautiful, fun and full of beautiful people and beautiful clothes.
This is a line for every woman. Let's go get!! :) See you at the next show. There is always a show going on some where in SL and at CWA. SL modeling is a busy profession. Come by and see for yourself.

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