Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sometimes You have to Let Your Hair Down!!

Readers this has been the busiest week I have ever had in a while. I was busy in SL and in RL so I had to burn off steam. Modeling is a serious thing. Styling clothes and putting together poses to match those clothes takes time, but guess what....I seem to style everything now even the outfit I go out in to burn off steam.  Let me show you:

This is me at Classic With Style Club where DJ AJ  Morales was playing some hot music. It was fun and exciting and the theme was swim wear. I wore a string bikini in the colors of the flag of Kenya Africa. That led to a styling moment. I thought I would just jump into a a bathing suit and just go...once a model always  a model. 

This suit is called  the Harambee Bikini
I accessorized with Kenyan bracelets
earrings and necklace
sunglasses all designed by Loredana Loring 
for the benefit of the Harambee-Kenyan Project
and my hair which is not down, but short and off my shoulders is designed by
Zib Scaggs.
A good time was had by all...and I still could not sleep because I wanted to dance again.
All well it was still fun and I found sleep with the breaking of the sun.

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