Monday, February 25, 2013

February Cover of CWS Magazine


I know you may think I have lost it, but chuck it up to business. I am the cover girl for CWS Magazine for the month of February. I had a great photo session with Ayiki of  Creations She was fun to work with and taught me a lot about photography in a session with her. Here I am:

My Thank yous:
This is an exciting moment for me.  Getting the cover of Classic With Style Magazine is a personal achievement and I'm still breatheless. There are so many to thank; Anrol and Steve for putting together a great company, team of administrators and teachers that want your success more than you want it sometimes. I like to thank Druido Paolo, my partner and husband in life for all his love, support and constant encouragement. My big sister and best friend Rubi, who encouraged me to go for modeling and live out my dreams. Bill who is  always my biggest fan and photographer. If Bill is around, he is definitely taking pictures of me :). Lotrec and Loredana and all the Kenya Project family, whose cause sparked me into action. My daughter, Max for her encouragement.  Last, but not least my brother in SL Masashi007,  who talked with me for hours  just to get me ready to apply to modeling school.  I could write a book thanking so many and even if I didn't  write your name here; know I thank you for anything you have said or did that helped bring me to this moment. God Bless you all. Hugs and Kisses.

Bell (Frayar)

I'm wearing:
The Red Valentino Gown from YDEA, designed by Emy Burt
hair: Victoria Hair Black designed by Midas Blazer
Red Rose Hair Clip
Engagement Ring By Bandit
Rubi Earringa from Forever My Love
Rubi and Diamond Bracelet designed by FaeryVixen Vendetta
and Red gem Stikettos by Tistra Oh.

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