Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lets Talk About Sex....oops I meant SHOES!!!

Let's Talk about Sex by Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper song, "Let's Talk About Sex" is running in my head. As soon as I decided to look at the colors of spring trend, as related to shoes, that song started playing in my head. I guess shoes do it for me...lol.  So, "Let's Talk About Shoes".

                                                                    Half Boot

Spring Trend kurumi designed by Iwish designed. Jeans   

        designed by Bouquet Babii for Vero Modero.

Striped red Stiletto

Spring Trend designed by Wetherby's

          Pistachio Green Wrap Spring Trend designed by Imnotgoing Sideways

woop shoes 60+ colors_

Spring Trend designed by Lluis Indigo

soft pink stilettos_001

soft pink stilettos

Spring Trend designed by Imnotgoing Sideways

Spring as always is about color in the brashest red to the softest pink all says spring. In shoes it's the candy look,

thick shoe bases, stripes, wrapped feet or ankles and ankle boots.

 I'm a new model so we try to buy the best at the best price (0-69L). Shoes with multi-uses and looks that are classic to wear through out the season. We look for trends in terms of color and also buy items with multi color HUDs.  I chose 5 shoes to display with all the qualifications I mentioned. I hope you like them too.

If you know of a great place to get cost effective accessories let me and other readers know by responding to this blog.
Thanks and I'll see ya shopping!!

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