Friday, March 29, 2013

SL Designers: Design Like the Masters!!

Hi Readers,

I know it's been a while, but this has been a busy time. I am so excited to share today's blog because I found it an interesting question to put to me.
I was asked who are my favorite designers in real and what designers in Second Life have similar style.
Well it was a bit easy  for me to say who are my favorite designers in real, but difficult at first, to find someone similar in Second Life.

My favorite designers are Halston, Giorgio Armani and Tracy Reese. Each of these designers have their own style that is classic. Their clothes can be worn in any decade and still be stylish.

Halston is classic. He first became famous for his hat designs. He invented the pillbox hat that Jacqueline Kennedy made famous as our first lady during the 60s. His clothing is bright, sexy and adds to the figure of a woman regardless of size. Halston dressed men and women and he gave us all class :). He designed for airlines, stars, JC Pennys and politicians. He was the first designer to license himself. His designs were found every where until he was taken over by a corporation then asked to leave. He died  March 26, 1990.

I loved this sunshine free flowing gown by Halston. I found a similar gown in Azul designed by Mami Jewell. The dress is called Tyra in Tourmaline. Both dresses have the flowing soft fabric, the deep plunging neckline, cinched waist and a sense of uninhibited beauty.

My next designer is Giorgio Armani. I love his style. He uses a lot of dark and black rich fabrics but he's not afraid to design out of the box. He designed clothes inspired by African and Middle Eastern cultures. Any one who is anyone wears his clothing at every red carpet event. I love his take on the little black dress. CoCo Chanel created the term, but Armani gave it renewed life.Armani's ready wear is for every woman and makes us feel beautiful. He came to fashion design late in life. He was 37, but today he is 78 years old and still going strong.
Here is what I found in second life:

I love his little black wrap dress. I found this on I'm wearing in marketplace. they both are cute black minis with the deep neckline (Is there a pattern here with me? :)) with a fitted waist. This dress shows off our beautiful legs. The Second Life dress is designed by Lexi Morgan. Way to go Lexi!!

My last designer, but not least is Ms. Tracy Reese. Tracy Reese may be a new name for some, but she has been designing since the 1990s and even the head of the Perry Ellis Women's Portfolio until she opened her own line in 1998. Her clothing has a retro-style using beautiful soft colors and patterns for every woman; from the celebrity to the any woman wanting a fresh look. Even first Lady Michele O'Bama wore one of her dresses at the 2012 Democratic Convention. She looked beautiful so I used her picture to compare the Second Life design with and here it is :

I found this dress called Artizana Layidu mesh dress designed by Dainie Fraina. This dress is cut the same and uses the same soft patterns on a retro style cut dress. It gives a beautiful refreshing look to the wearer.
Readers these are my choices for my best. Tell me about yours and drop me a picture. :)

hair: Maja Hair # 3 designed by Alice Klinger for A&A Hair
makeup: Marie Storm designed by Eve Expressed for Face Paint
shoes: GB Stone sandals designed by Takuya Jinn for Gabriel
           N-Core Delicious Gold designed by Claire Messenger (worn with the Azul gown)

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