Friday, May 17, 2013

Chic and Good Times !!

Hello readers, Today I am going to share with you the outfits I styled for my runway advance class. I am going to format it as if I was in a pageant. I'm not quite sure what to name it yet, but bare with me. Let's get through this process together and you never know you may find yourself in a pageant and maybe this will help. I was asked to create a formal, casual chic and swimsuit styling for this class. Let's see how I did this.

Good evening my name is Bell (Frayar) and I am styling a formal gown from Azul which I got as a group gift .  It’s sheer soft layers of  taupe colored silk with royal blue beading around the waist and the hem with spaghetti straps. I chose this gown because it's simple and classy. This gown was designed by Mami Jewell. The gown  is perfect for me because it does not overwhelm, but it's quality will cause others to give you a second or even a third look.This gown sparkles and it makes me sparkle in it. It's simply romantic. Although others may look, I chose this gown with only one guy in mind and he can't take his eyes off me in it.  
Hair: MAGDALEN hair – Pitch in black designed by Thora Charron
Makeup: NOYA Face Make Up Combination (smokey+lipgloss1) designed by Noya
Jewelry: bramble ramble (dark blue/silver) designed by Liliana Barrs
Nails: [PERPETUUM] cristal R French Nails designed by  Inga87 Viper. The gown is paired with a pair of brown metallic stiletto sandals designed by Argnit Igaly from N-Core.

My second outfit is what I call, "Mediterranean Chic".
   This outfit I put together from other outfits I have already. I don't believe everything you style should be a complete outfit; mixing and matching can be fun too. I am  wearing  a bright yellow/gold bustier top hart shaped in the front with black poke a dots on it. The top is from VERO MODERO. The top is apart of an outfit called Dotty Jumpsuit Top Green. It is designed by Bouquet Babii. The bright yellow top is paired with a high waist cream colored mesh linen pants designed by MW Boa which I purchased from marketplace. This combination, I believe is  wonderful and  looks light, airy and chic. I  can go from walking on the beach during the day, to a late supper and dancing the night away. 
Hair: MAGDALEN hair – Pitch in black designed by Thora Charron
Makeup: [Curves] Luminous Make-Up: Cat eyeliners + Lipstick (Gold) designed by Carolinne Hax
Jewelry: Gold set (necklace, earrings and bracelet) called  carrees doree purchased from marketplace (designer unknown)
Nails, gold with chic designs from Jada Humby Nails *Candy* GOLD Size 20 designed by Jada Humby.
White stiletto sandals heels designed by Takuya Jinn from Gabriel. Purse is from Purple Moon.

So far we have had a romantic moment, walked along the Mediterranean and now Hawaiian Sunshine.
I love Hawaii and SL has a gorgeous sim that is designed after it.  This swim suit I am wearing is called Pamela Gold and makes me think of sunshine. It's abstract design in metallic gold is unique. The sections are connected with silver ringlets. It's sexy and fun and makes me think of the sunshine on the sand of a Hawaiian beach. This swim suit is from Sage and the designer is Sage Pexie.

The Rest of the styling:
Carlotta diamond necklace- marketplace
Diva gold ankle boots designed by Ellie Monk
Makeup Face Paint pure drama red/ Siren 5 designer Eve Express
Face makeup with Lip Gloss 1 designed by Noya
Glamorize metal mania gold designed by Yoko Leeeroy
Black straight action hair designed by Thora Charron
gold nails with a ring designed by Jada Humby


Readers I hope you enjoyed my choices. Tell me what you would think. I leave you with a fun and good times :). Enjoy!

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