Friday, May 31, 2013

Adventure in Silver

Bell is an adventurous person and while others love gold; Bell is a silver kind of girl as in "Silver Bell (s)". Silver is such a pure metal and in a bikini it's even better. Bell purchased this bikini from market place because it is very versatile. It also ,comes with a dress cover, but for this occasion Bell chose to wear the bikini. It has geometric shapes on it in varying shades of black, gray to silver and designed by Angelsan Brucato.  Bell is also wearing silver hot boots that she just loves with her bikini also purchased from market place and designed by Sally Soleil. Bell chose to place her hair in a brown up-do tied up with a black ribbon which is designed by Guinever Mavendorf. Bell is resting on the top of  a safari jeep while she waits for her adventure to begin. The rest of Bell's styling is the following: 

Geometric diamond earring designed by-Shin Damiano
Silver bracelet designed by- diabolica Alderson
Glamorize makeup designed by- Yoko Leeeroy
Persian kitten eyeshadow and liner designed by Fancy Foxclaw
mock firebrick lipstick designed by-Mocksoup Graves

Bell's adventure continues. She was invited to a red carpet event and she decided to continue the silver theme. Bell found this body hugging, form fitting, head turning and elegant gown in marketplace. The gown is a glittery silver mesh gown designed by Gisele Grizot. The gown is paired with glittery stilettos so sexy she wishes she could show a little leg and take it away :). The shoes are designed by Durham Voom . Bell topped everything off  with her hair silver, pulled back and tied in a soft pony tail with a knot on the side. Her hair was designed by MissAllSunday Lemon. Bell added one color red to accessorize and add the passion needed. Bell is entering the event and making a real sensation as she glides on the red carpet. All eyes are on her as she is making her own adventure and everyone in the room can see it. You never know you may be apart of 
Bell's next adventure:)

The rest of Bell's styling is:
Eye lashes designed by Noya
Fantasy eyeliner and lashes designed by SylviaAgatha
Glamorize metal silver designed by Yoko Leeeroy
Glamorize Black w/ moderate red designed by Micalia Darkrose
Glamorize True Cherry designed by Micalia Darkrose
Red pierced nails designed by Coco Nikita
Red stud ruby earrings designer unknown but purchased from market place.
Red brooch purchased from marketplace.
Red Ruby Bracelet designed by Zuri Lyric

Bell had a great day and she thanks you for coming along.

Now enjoy the Sylvers!

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