Monday, July 29, 2013

Harambee's 2nd Treasure Hunt!!!

Hello Readers!

Harambee's new hunt is all about fashion! Some of SL's best designer's have contributed and it all cost 2Ls.
Below are 3 outfits displayed out of the 20 outfits you can find on the Bunny sim and the Dubai sim. When you find a treasure it includes the hint for the next. So come have fun. Help build schools in Kenya in Rl and look good doing it.

 Augusta's Creation Yellow Summer Gown
 Casual Tweed (5 color Pack) Giaix Destiny
jewelry included.

Giuliadesigns Clara (Urban Style)
jewelry included.

It All Begins Here:

Song for this Blog is by one of my favorite vocalist, Nina Simone:\

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