Thursday, October 31, 2013

Right There in The Socket: Halloween hair

Halloween is fun and it can be stylish as well. We can thank people like Elvira and Mortisa Adams who made the look a daily style for the adventurous and creative.

I found 3 hair styles you all might like. The look is what I call the socket look.. Get it, finger in the socket ( I crack myself up) and we love it!! Hope you do too.

1.C'ers domain hair bu Aliza Karu rom AD Creation: Lip gloss w/teeth designed by Mochi Kilena/Eye makeup from black liquid makeup.

          2. Updo Punk by Precious Restless/ Makeup by BSD Design
          3. Outfit Ginevra from YDEA, designer: Emy Burt

I decided to try a glam costume. I love Spider woman. Metro Paris had the gown called Spider woman with the spider tattoo added. My makeup is the same as in #1. My hair is Penelope from HOB.

For those who love a good book to read on Halloween; I recommend, E-book, The Bleeding by Max E. Stone. I read chapters on his Wordpress blog and it got my attention. The book will be available at on Halloween day!!

(A little known history: The guy in the middle taught Michael Jackson how to moonwalk.)

Wild hair , a little trivia and a mystery; Nothing could be better on Halloween ! Ooops don't forget the chocolate!!!

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