Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's Missing? Hartford!

Hi readers :),

What do you love to do? Are you a model with no place to hold a charity event? A designer who needs a place to sell your fashions?? Are you a DJ with a following, but no place to keep the party going? Are you a teacher at heart and have something to share, but no place to launch from? Whatever it is you need Jarden's Premier Business Center a Global Virtual Business Park on the Hartford sim has it. The sim has everything you may need to make what you love to do, a success. Take a look.

The Galaxy Room wherein I  heard a live performer, Roxanne Ysabel DeVinna, she sang with a beautiful smoky alto voice some very familiar tunes, in her own way.

Scorpion and his beautiful fiancé JardenAlexis have built one of the most sophisticated sims I've seen in a while. It has the SL beautiful view, but it's a beautiful site to look in on. I took some pictures to show you. Everything has a RL feel to it from solar panels on the roofs to role play in class rooms, where you can be attentive or take a nap :). This place is huge. It's owned and managed by responsible people. Let me show you some of the tour I took.

The Twin Towers: Holds offices, Classrooms and Meeting Rooms

Me in class with a laptop.

Scorpion showing the Meeting Room with stage and seating.

The Underground (outdoor venue for parties, weddings and special events);
This is one of  3 outdoor event areas (PVC Roof Top and Amphitheater not shown).
Enjoy some smooth jazz as you tour :)).

Teleport system to get you where you are going.

View of the whole sim....

AD CENTER (Gotta a business, place your AD here)  
Office space with water front view/solar panels.
PVC RoofTOP/ shows &!snacks.
rental/dance set up/live performances
Twin Towers
Classroom  Role play from writing to napping
Out door Amp. Theater 
Danielle's and Augusta Fashion Shops
The Under Ground
Venues provide lighting
DJs in your genre
Tours are daily

Contact Ms. Jarden and  Mr.Scorpion Brumer
They will be happy to discuss rental plans that will probably fit any dream...Go ahead, try them :)).

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