Sunday, October 13, 2013

What is Beauty in SL? Every day People!

Hi Readers!

I know you are not used to so many blogs from me, but I feel the need to share this one. I guess it's because there are so many new models, new users here and they can become prey to an angry or fearful person behind an avatar. Beauty is so important in RL and SL. In RL we work at it by exercise, good skin care and  dental care. Some people work on the inside too, although that is not what is the popular thing to do all the time. Fortunately in SL we just click on appearance and we can change anything we want.  SL is a virtual ability to either redo a life long fantasies or it's a place to speak and say what we like. What I think we all don't realize is because the avatars are all so perfect looking, the personality is the thing that rings through. So, the question becomes, what is the true beauty in SL?

Modeling is fun in SL and I tend to follow a certain motto in my life..."Where peace is; you will find me". Now let me just say,  peace does not mean there is no challenge, but it means it's a path that is open to teach me, where I can grow and there is a true sense of caring among the people. So many people come into SL to work out personal issues on other people either as animation  griefers or as a emotional griefers playing  mind games with people, trying to make others feel small or making themselves feel more important than  another. People really just want to socialize and have fun without being put through the ringer of an individual's personal issues. Please don't be a victim to another's illness. It's okay to walk away. There are so many people to meet in this SL...don't reduce it to the person who tries to abuse you.

As you know, no one is perfect, but let's show true beauty in how we treat each other. Let us remember there are people behind these avatars that may see you as a great person, and if you are a leader, it's your duty to be a respectful one, reducing the drama, speaking to encourage and bringing a sense of joy to someone. If you are here, finding your place or just having fun...respect each other. Show the true beauty of a beautiful personality that touches a life  where you are, in another country  or culture with true words of friendship.

Like Sly Stone wrote it. Let's all be "Every day people"! 

Styling Card:

Hear no evil:( Hair: Bliss Queen (white) Makeup: Nicky Bedroom Eyes (White), Glamorize parted lips (white), Jewelry and ear covering Coral Oyster Accessories designed by siren Galicia.

See no evil: (Solidea's Love is Blind, Lace Nails Black, hair:Lelutka Emeli black

Speak No evil (Solidea's Delicate Face Decor,Glamorize Eye Makeup)

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