Sunday, June 15, 2014

Heart Break Hotel and other Glamorous Cries!!

Hi Readers,

Today I want to discuss the heartbreak of SL relationships. Some believe after a breakup the best revenge is to look good and keep it moving. Well, I'm not a subscriber to that emotional type of blocking. I believe we must give ourselves time to heal and go through the  stages of grief in SL just as we should in real. In SL we can make ourselves look really depressed or slightly depressed. In real we can have the feelings and cry but SL we can watch and see our development through the hurt back to life and happiness. We should not  let no one leaving us cause so much pain we can't stand up when it is time. That time is when you are ready, but a good way to remember to stand up is to give yourself a date. If you stand up in that time.... Great! If you don't, give yourself a new date to move forward. The idea is to remind yourself that there is a time to mourn and cry, but there is a time we must begin or continue on in life.

The ugly cry: makeup from Vogue, Hair from Catawa


 The dramatic cry: hair from Tameless , makeup Bright tears from IGNOTO and
Mad liquid lips.

This is the suffering cry, enhanced with a crying animation from crying DML. 

So remember, it's okay to visit heartbreak hotel to heal and take the needed time to gather yourself, but don't make it your home. As we all know hotel living is great for a moment, but after a while we begin to miss the comfort of our true home.

 I hope some of these SL looks can work for you in sad times until you are Come Back To Life...listen to Kerrie!!
 If you still don't believe you are loved...listen to HillSong sing of God's love for you too.



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