Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Sunday Morning!

Hello Everyone!

Good morning and how has your week been? Mine has been very busy to the point, Sunday morning are the only day I can write :). I am thinking of changing the title of my blog to, "Sunday Mornings with  BD Rosa". Sounds catchy? Give me some feedback on that, I am interested in what you think. Well this morning there are several things I want to show you today. There is a new item from Ms. Goorgoor of Goor Fashion Style, There is the celebration of Second Life's 11th birthday celebration, Hunts happening the Bunny sim for the Kenya Project and a hunt and gifts in my shop as well.

Adventures in Goor Fashion Style!
First up is Goor Fashion Style. I am wearing a wrapped dress of African cloth which looks to be Kente cloth. The fabric wraps around the body and stops with a sash over the right shoulder. This wrap looks regal on any woman. The dress comes with matching shoes and a HUD to create the perfect color for you. You can get this dress in 7 different patterns. Contact goorgoor resident for more about this terrific dress! This photo was taken at the Nile Lotus Ballroom and the pose is by Posesion.

The Goor Fashion style is summed up in a few words, bold, rich fabrics with a strong since of adventure.

SLB11 Celebration!

Today is the beginning of a month long celebration of Second Life's 11th anniversary. There will be lots of fun and interesting sights. You will get to see members of SL businesses and charity groups who have come to celebrate, but also introduce themselves to you the residents of this fine land :). I will be there as a sponsor of the Harambee Group aka Kenya Project. There will be lots of gifts and fellowship. I think you may enjoy the site which was designed and constructed  by the leader of the project Ms. Loredana Loring.

While I am on the subject of The Kenya Project, you must come join the hunt and find some fun outfits like the one below. This fun cheeky outfit was designed by Loredana Loring and some items on sell on the sim are designed by Gaiax Destiny. All proceeds go toward the real donations made to the Harambee Group in RL who go into Africa with the International Boy Scouts and do the actual building and planning with the people of the village. So stop by the sim for the hunt and visit us at the SLB11 celebration sim! You will be glad you did!

this is one of the many items in the hunt on the Bunny Isles Sim.
This is the group gift called the Italy dress! Photo taken on the Venice sim. Hair by Slink. If you want more information contact Loredana Loring or Lotrec Oh in-world.



\This week in the Ayiki group we are apart of a hunt called, "Roughin it". All the items are 1L. There are also special heart discounts in the shop which are 25L. The YDEA shop has a new mesh jacket and new gift vendor. Come by and check these buys.

The Roughin Find..The Miami in lime :).


Today was an exciting time. We had a great time at the SLB11 Celebration. We met new people and spent an exciting time introducing them to the SL life and all that took was kindness. If you meet someone new to SL and they need some help...Take the time and introduce that person to this new virtual world we all call home. Now ladies and gentlemen this is coming to you late because as I said, it truly was an exciting day. You all have a great day and I will see you next week with something new to discuss. Enjoy Ryan Adams as he sings about kindness..



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