Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Bell Post!

Hello Readers,

Another time we have together just to have a laugh and sing a song...I think that is Carol Burnett Show. Okay, I'm back. Well there is a lot going on and SL11B is over but we had a great time. Hmmm, and so much has happen and I will endeavor to remember it all for this blog. Today we do have some adventures from Ms. Goor. There are some photos of the SL11B. Ayiki has given us some new sexy beach wear and YDEA celebrated the 4th of July. Some exciting things also happened to me as well. So lets get this show on the road.

Adventures in Goor Fashion Style:

Ms. Goorgoor Resident has given us 2 gorgeous outfits to wear on this adventure. First up is a Japan Outfit  which comes complete with a blue silk dress with a high thigh slit, shoes, hair and the jewelry in matching blue. I added to this look a clutch and a necklace from Indy & Co. This photo was taken at the Japanese Tempura Garden. Its a very beautiful place to sit or do Tai Chi in the garden. When you need to think or just relax, visit this garden it will do it for you.

Our second outfit is a long island maxi dress. Wearing this dress made me feel regal and like a siren calling my man know like a beacon by the shore, like a Greek goddess :)....(Okay, I told you Goor takes you on an adventure in the imagination. I just have a colorful one).  Check this out, it has all the drama to match :).
Okay, a little dramatic, but this dress just says drama. My hair is from Vanity Fair and wood bracelet was designed by Loredana Loring. This photo was taken in a gazebo designed and built by Loredana Loring for the Kenyan Project. All proceeds go toward the building of schools in Kenya. Please send her an IM in-world and see some of her amazing builds.

SL11B Celebration:

The Kenya Project Group enjoyed the celebration and met lots of new friends. So we say goodbye to the sim and wish Second Life many years of success to come.
Don't forget to come to the Bunny sim guys and show your support by joining the group, make a purchase or make a donation. Contact Loredana Loring or Lotrec Oh in-world and they will be glad to show you the work this group does in RL.

Kenya Project:

Speaking of the work of the project; there are 10 hunts happening all summer. The items are built by or resident builders Loredana Loring and Gaiax Destiny. They have some fun and exciting things for you to see so check out their flickr page for the hunt items and when you make a purchase join our flickr group, take a photo and show us what you bought :) Harambee Flickr Group.
This is the photo of the rock set available in the hunt. The photos were taken at my home. We had fun!

ELF Groups Ayiki and YDEA:

I have some new items in the shops from Ms. Ayiki and Emy Burt. Ayiki has a new cool beach dress and bikini sarong  in 5 colors and designs. YDEA has released a male and female outfit to celebrate the 4th of July. Come visit me and check them out :).


My week in review:

This has been an exciting SL week. I graduated from LNU modeling school. It was a great event. Ava Jhamin  and Hezabel Blackheart are great mentors to anyone who wants to model. Contact them in-world. If you want to be a model, it is best to take instruction because there is much to learn. The more SL changes the more we need to learn and embrace as models. Make sure you contact those ladies. You will be glad.
Okay, I am a reader of O'clock Magazine. The magazine had a casting and asked the question, " Where do you read O'clock?" I answered the question lol :). What do you think? Please checkout my photo in O'Clock Magazine. O'clock is a great magazine and if you are a photographer or model it will inspire you to try new ideas. Modeling in SL is never boring. There are always new ideas and new ways to showcase a designer and I really enjoy it! It's virtual art, so let's continue the art ladies and gentlemen.


Art is an imaginative expression of the mind outwardly expressed and can be observed. Second Life is art, but it is also a canvas on which we can paint anything we like or imagine . In SL, if you are not a computer genius the world is easy enough for you to look like one. So what does that have to do with modeling....Now this one should be obvious. Look at the images of models in SL. They are incredible and beautiful art. If you are not a model I challenge you to look at your avatar in a new way and become creative. Think outside the box and do something new. Let me know what you come up with. SL is all about dreams and expressing ourselves, so come out the box :).
This is a photo of Paolo, me,Aisha, Dimitri, SoloUnNick and Lucreziael. We all have different styles. Find yours and keep this diverse world going :).
 This photo was taken at MOVIDA where SoloUnNick was DJing. It was hot...we were on fire :). See..
Well until next week here is a little something...You Wear It Well from one of my favorites, DeBarge 




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