Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Fun

Hi Readers,

How are you all? Having a beautiful summer? Me too. This week is a slow week in SL as many have gone on vacation and others have other priorities with family and friends at home. It's  good to always remember RL comes first. Today I have a new item from a designer at LIV-Glam, Ms. Deborah  . that I thought went perfect with a recent styling I did so I will show them here today while we discuss Slinks. I also had an opportunity to see a great performance at Dubai Jazz Club that I will share today. The Kenya Projects hunts are rolling through July:) and let's talk about summer fun. So stay with me on this ride today :).


Ms. Deborah Vos designed some lovely heels designed to be worn with Slink Mesh High feet. I liked the shoes because they have a edgy boot feel, but light in color. I added these shoes to a styling for work and it looked perfect. Contact Liv-Glam and ask for the D.E. Boutique Heels Pure. I think you will like them too.




The Dubai Jazz Club owned by Giar Baddingham and milla Rasmuson, had a wonderful charity event featuring a dance troupe led by Diletta Korobase.  The dancers were great and the routine was exciting to watch. They did some break dancing and ended with a mermaid dance. The event raised funds  for the Kenya Project. It was a wonderful and successful night.

So drop by the Dubai Jazz club and see what is happening. Contact Giar or Milla and they will tp you in and you are sure to have a great time.

Kenya Project:

This month the hunt are still going on. You can find anything you may need for hearth and home for as little as 1L. Come on, get your hunt on!

Summer Fun!

Okay, the summer is on. Things in SL have slowed down just as your RL has. So what should you do? Put on that bikini, get to the beach and just relax! Here are some photos of me doing just that!
Resting is apart of beauty. Stress ruins the RL skin and causes strain on the eyes. How can this relate to SL? Well, if your eyes are tired, your clothing will reflect that. We all need the season of rest, so our body and mind can be fresh and bright! Here are photos of us relaxing on Bunny Isles. If you like to step by IM any of us in the Bunny Isles group.

            See you on the beach! Have a Hot Time in the Summer Time like Sly and The Family Stone says :)


My bikini's are Ayiki Creations :)

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