Sunday, August 31, 2014

What did you do this Summer??

Hello and Good morning/good afternoon/good evening/ and to the others, why are you up so late :).

I am glad to be back, but I enjoyed my summer. What did you do this summer? I traveled, popped in and out of SL and just relaxed. In the states Labor Day holiday is tomorrow, but after that, it all begins again. Well, I plan to sleep a little more and manage my time better this about you?

Well it looks like Ms. Goorgoor has been busy designing a beautiful outfit and opening new stores all over the grid. This is her latest; the Sheila outfit, a backless halter top with carpi pants gathered at the knees.  The silk gold fabric looks wonderful with the gold print capris. It gives you the feeling of a relaxing day at home.

The outfit also comes with a butterfly tattoo for your back waist and feet to run around bare foot as I am doing ^_^.

Contact Ms. Goorgoor Resident and she will tell you how you can get this outfit and where. She always designs an adventure with you in mind :).

Now it's time to relax...see you next time! Here's Manhattan Transfer, The Shaker Song,
Shaker Song by Manhattan Transfer,The on Grooveshark

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