Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beauty In So Many Forms!

Hi Readers!

You know I woke this morning and I was thinking about the things that maintains beauty...In SL we adjust the body, the expression and it's still a reflection of an internal feeling or emotion. I was looking at some real models and the expressions they are known for and it also is a reflection of the inner turmoil or an inner joy. How does your Avi look? What in its expression touches a real emotion? I don't know, but it is a thought, now isn't it? Beauty needs peace to be maintained. Beauty needs rest, love (self love) and love (love of another and vice versa). Although SL and RL are separate lives they affect each other. So let's rest our mind and emotions to maintain our health and emotions so we all can have a great life in SL and RL.

Music is a great mood builder, bridge builder and channeler of emotions. I think that is why SL has so many different places to dance and ways to stream music. Models out there tell me how does music affect your styling? Is it strictly the outfit that inspires you? Designers what do you play when you design?

This is the Rhoda dress from Goor Fashion Style. It's a ruffled tank peasant top with a short ruffled skirt. The outfit also comes with a pair of matching boots. In shades of brown this outfit speaks of a rustic earthy woman who knows her worth. She knows she is a natural woman. Are you?

This is the Francesca outfit. This is a fitted mini sweater dress, with a high collar warming the neck and fingerless gloves. The outfit also comes with dark boots. The design print is the same as a heartbeat on a monitor indicating a strong heart and many lives. That is what this woman is. She is strong, yet sexy and many lives are in her hands. Is this you?

Contact Ms. Goorgoor and find out what type of woman you are. She has a style for every adventure with you in mind.  Carol Kings wrote Natural Woman....I leave you with her singing the song Aretha Franklin made famous.

Check out my flickr for more styles and more designers

Natural Woman by Carole King on Grooveshark

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