Sunday, September 21, 2014

Beauty:Zen Peace and Drama Free

Hi Readers,

I am a profile reader. It tells me a lot about the person behind the avatar. The most frequent words seen in a profile is "drama free", "not into drama" or plain, "no drama". I thought about it today because I heard yet another incident of drama and I thought, wow, how much energy is that person using to satisfy her curiosity? You know if you want peace be peace and write that in a profile. I noticed that those who write about drama in their profiles, always get it at some point.

I say write peace in our profiles; "Looking for peaceful people" or just be a peaceful person.
Either one will be a wonderful asset to the SL life and your true beauty as a person. Try it and see how many new friends you will make.

I always love the voice of Lou Rawls. Groovy People, this song I just love  and it says it all.
Groovy People by Lou Rawls on Grooveshark

Style Card:
LG's Sorry I'm a Lady Okay- dress
Shoes: DE Boutique Chester Heels Mint
Clutch: Dare from LG
Hair  Rasta and matching hooped earring
Finesmith necklace Dali
Makeup: soft green


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