Sunday, September 28, 2014

SL Modeling Today with Bell :)

Hi All,

As you can see, I'm still trying out titles for my blog. I will keep trying and you keep


We have lots of hunts happening at the Bunny Isles. There are 11 which includes objects for RP, your homes and fashion outfits. If you have any event or fashion show all the hunt items are 1 L. Stop by the SIM and check it out. Kenyan Project Bunny Isles We have lots to do there as well.



 LIV-Glam is known for its forward fashions whether chic, casual or formal. The outfit I am wearing is called Burning Buildings. It's silk long sleeve crop top in smooth black. The maxi skirt comes in 9 colors 3 in each pack. I am wearing the black and fuchsia print with some leopard look. LG accessories added are the Serenity platform boots in black and the Thea tote both come with a HUD with multiple colors and you can mix and match to create a unique look. This outfit can go from casual to chic semi formal. You can make it your own style. Below is how I styled this great outfit.

The rest of my styling items are:
 L& H Head wrap in black
Hair: Curly from EMO-tions
Makeup: Zivah eyeshadow and lipstick from HIghLife
Jewelry: GeWunjo: Katje onyx- designer, Andy Berenohn
FineSmith's Desire hoops in silver
Sunglasses from Crie
This outfit is available now. Go check it out and other deals. Here is the link LIV-GLAM.
So there it is a great everybody; a great HUNT and LIV-GLAM. I see you there soon.
I always end my blog with a song and this time is no different :). I leave you with the song, September by Earth Wind and Fire as a salute to the close of September. Hope yours was one to remember.


September by Earth, Wind & Fire on Grooveshark

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