Thursday, October 30, 2014

Diamond Style's Morgana...

Hi Readers,

Here's another skin from Diamond. Now if you remember your King Arthur stories you know she was a witch and enchantress of men. King Arthur could resist her in her regular form, but not Merlin. She and Merlin had a love hate relationship. She was the Lilith to his Adam. You can be the enchantress ...Diamond has this skin on special for 55L Thursday Oct 30th at 7 AM till Friday Oct 31st at 7AM . As always the SLINK enhancements are available too.  So go get yours and enchant every place you go...Believe me, you won't be forgotten. Here is your taxi :) Diamond Style main store.

The rest of my styling is: Gown, Winter Green from Paris Metro.
Hair, Happy in black from Yellow Hair.
Celtic face chain in black designed by <R>
I leave you with this beautiful song by Enya...Aniron (I desire) The theme of Aragon and Arwen. Enjoy! Ciao!
Aníron (I Desire) (Theme for Aragorn & Arwen) by Enya on Grooveshark

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