Saturday, October 4, 2014

Evolution of Style

Hi Readers,

 So  much is happening in SL and shopping is one of the best things I like to do in SL, unfortunately this does not translate as well in RL; but I digress :).  Places you want to find yourself  this week is LIV-GLAM and Bunny Isles. They have items to help evolve your style.


As we all know style changes are inevitable, but thinking fashion forward takes imagination. LIV-GLAM designers have taken a traditional casual look and gave it style. Camouflage is the use of colors or material that aides in concealment but, with this LG dress it illuminates style.  This dress is called Chocolate Distance. This fitted dress with long sleeves is full of color. It comes in 6 different colors, 3 styles per dress. I accessorized with the LG Thea Tote and LG Meadow Hills. Evolve into your style with LIV-GLAM.

The rest of my style: Hair : Soft Curly Afro from Tutys
                                 Jewelry: MoonShadow Set, designer Moon Shine Allerhead
                                 Makeup and Nails: Deessess and BSD Design Studio (Pinks and Blues)
                                 Cargo Classic Pantyhose in black, designer Vikki Placebo

Harambee Hunts

The Harambee group at Bunny Isles is holding another hunt. It's October Hunt time and items are all 1L a find. You can hunt for "Love in the Fall" to Halloween items or come find an item on the orient express and everything else in between. Don't forget to join the group to get notices of events, parties and your monthly gifts and more.

Here is your taxi :Harambee/ Bunny Isles

I leave you with the group EnVogue . Ladies of style. The song is  Free Your Mind and (as the song says) the rest will follow. See you next time.

Envogue - Free Your Mind by En Vogue on Grooveshark

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