Sunday, November 30, 2014

After the Holiday? What's next?

Hi readers,

I am exhausted. Holidays take a lot out of you. I decided not to blog clothes today because of the short week. I am working on some styling for the next blog. There is another part of fashion we rarely look at. What is that? It's the homes we live in or our retreats in SL where we take off all the clothes, makeup and really let down our hair. I have a place I use for that. It's a loft where I sit and watch movies, listen to fine music, hang out with family and friends. I want to share my retreat and if you have one take a photo, send it to me in SL  (Frayar Resident) and I will add it to this blog. This is not MTV Crips, but we can have fun seeing how we live in this wonderful SL life.

This is my loft, its quiet and private. The only place I can go and bum around when I like. I love cut flowers in RL and I have some on my kitchen counter in SL. :) This kitchen was designed by Zen Creations.

                            This is my favorite snack; a sweet roll and big cup of coffee.

This is a shot of my sitting area where I sit and listen to music  and read the paper.

                  These leather chairs (designer Natashya Babii)are my favorite and are from NHC as well is my television (designer, Sylvio Runo).

                                           Chic sitting chairs designed by Winter Thorn.

This is me ,Vita and Flora sitting and talking.

I love listening to music especially love songs and that is what you will hear when I am here in this retreat. So listen to my favorite singer Babyface Edmonds singing Whip Appeal! I melt every time I see him sing this in concert :).

 Style Card: Loft and paintings designed by Lucian Starsmith.

Carpets:(red) designed by Sere Timeless (black) Pamela Galli.

Whip Appeal (12 Inch Version) by Babyface on Grooveshark

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