Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving in SL and Shopping Goes On!

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In the U.S. Thanksgiving is today. Millions of family and friends are preparing to come together to eat, talk and yes ladies no matter what you do....THEY WILL WATCH FOOTBALL!  Thanksgiving in SL is a little different. We gather talk and have fun, but we will prepare to be together. Having a SL family takes a lot of time and trust, but when you have them it makes time in this world fun :). So be thankful for all you have especially for the people in your life in RL and SL.
Now to the most important question...if you are anything like my family, you must look good and stylish. Who knows when you will see all your family again. You want them to remember cousin so and so in that great dress. There are some things you can wear in SL for this special festive day! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

From LG's Ivy Atelier line:

The dress is called Drinks after Work and it is perfect name. It is a beautiful sleeveless sheath dress. Soft fabrics rich colors are the bench mark for this line and this dress in a perfect example. I added Sasha tote and Clover wedges in blue and they can be found at LIV-Glam as well. Wear this to the family gathering and you will have the look of a perfect lady. I said perfect too many times, but it's the word for this know, that word :).
The rest of my styling is: The rest of my styling is: Shine Ayla Ring Navy designed by Love Foxdale EvilRoot bangles designed by Narianna Dover
Earrings PerseFona Be Cool in Navy
Silken Moon Glitter in Navy
Deesses Lipstick #9 (Next 2 stylings)
Hair: Cornrows designed by boo Nakamura (same in the next 2 styling)
This photo was taken at House of Jasmine.
This outfit is called Dance Assassin and its for the after party of any gathering. The tank shirt has a small shrug jacket in a bold gold. The Top has a HUD and you have 31 colors to choose from. The bottom is a deep red with images of foods and other fun things that draws the eye.  There are 4 color choices with pants. The shoes are creative; stars and crystals to dance on and are called Estella heels. You also a multi-colored HUD with them. This is an outfit that can be styled in many ways.
The rest of my styling is: GD Jewelry ( earrings and necklace) designed by Gaury (earrings same as below),

This dress is called Last Time Lover :).  The dress hugs the body shows off the points of pressure, the arms and back and part of the waist. The blue dress with gold flower and abstract print gives the dress a look you can take on the town with your friends. I added the guitar clutch and Estella heels from LIV-Glam.
The rest of my styling is: Empress bracelet designed by RKThings Crystal
The above photos were taken at The Bunny Club

From Diamond Style's Alexy & Ayiki's Creations:

Diamond Style has a new sun kissed called Alexys. The skin  lovely and glows. This skin is 55L Thursday 7 am SLT to Friday 7 am SLT. A wonderful buy if you need new skin go check it out. It comes with Lolas and Slink attachments. My hair is from Bliss. The bikini is a 2 piece called Ay swimwear in black. It's a sweet string bikini and so sexy. It's available in ELF.AC


This has been a busy week and these are some of the quality things found in SL. Don't forget to visit the sims too. I leave you with the video of the charity fashion show. The video was done by Lotrec Oh, one of the directors of the Harambee. Enjoy!

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