Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fashion is Where You Find it!

Hi Readers,
Fashion is where you find it. Styling is the thing we do in the modeling game. Some of us take one outfit and add accessories. I say, where is the fun in that? Why can't we go for the different, the creative and risk someone not liking the outfit. Being true to ourselves and an outfit idea, that may not work for everyone can be provocative :). Okay not sexy, just different. I did 3 styling ; LG's Bitches online, MR Creation Cristallo and I used a top from Goor Fashion Style, the Morgana top to develop a style. Here they are. Tell me what you think? There is a lot to choose from and you will have a great time shopping :).



This is the outfit I am wearing today. It's LIV-Glam's Turning Tables. This out fit is a 2 piece outfit that also has a HUD to give you 6 pattern choices. I chose blue. The skirt is a mini that skims over the hips and the top is sleeveless and backless similar to roman tunic top. I accessorized with Sasha tote and Clover wedge heels, all from LIV-Glam.
The rest of my styling is: Shine Ayla Ring Navy designed by Love Foxdale EvilRoot bangles designed by Narianna Dover
Earrings PerseFona Be Cool in Navy
Silken Moon Glitter in Navy
Deesses Lipstick #9
Hair: Cornrows designed by boo Nakamura
LG's Bitches Online (Designer, Grace Haddington) is a coat dress using iconic black and white tweed. It has a sexy deep neckline and fitted mini skirt. The wide belt hugs the waistline. This is a fabulous number. I accessorized Saffia Heels and Thea Tote bag all from LG. My other accessories are:
Makeup: Glitter makeup designed by Zalyn Bailey
Bowler hat in black designed by Kai Sion
Jewelry: Mandala Lotus Necklace and Earrings Set designed by kikunosuke Eel
Photo taken at Bay City.
This outfit, I decided to use in my Bare Face Challenge and it holds up to the test. I have no accessories on except a bracelet. This is a LIV-GLam outfit from the Ivy's Ateler line. The designer is Ivyana Szondi. Body language comes with a HUD with 31 colors available to change to fit your mood. My shoes are Saffia, also from LIV-Glam. This photo was taken in my zen garden.
This is Ana Markova's new dress called Cabin Fever. You know the type of outfit you can go to when you just want to get out of the house and it is always perfect on you?...That is this dress. This mini dress is in soft and easy flowing over the body adding to it comfort and still chic. I added Queen Bee glasses, Dita clutch and Clover Wedge Heels all from LIV-Glam.  This photo was taken at  Maximize Book Café where you can purchase RL novels. Check it out.
The rest of my styling is :
Makeup from Highlife
Hair: eXxEsS, Leza in dark brown

MR Creations 

This outfit comes from MR Creations. This 2 piece sexy outfit is a great outfit for a party. It is festive and alive with glitter. When you enter a room all heads will seek you out. The pants are hip hugging and the top is opened with 3 tiny hooks exposing your sexy abs. This photo was taken at the designer's night club Dubai Jazz. Go check it out. The shop has a beautiful transit attached that I think train enthusiast would enjoy.
The rest of the styling is Saffia Heels from Liv-Glam
Makeup from Vogue Pulse Fashion, designer -Zalyn Bailey
Hair is Sunset Blvd in pink from Vanity, designer-Tabata Jewell
Jewelry from Virtual Jewelry

 Goor Fashion Style

This dress is called the Meryl. It is a great cocktail dress for an elegant time out. The dress is body hugging mini with a knee length lace tail. The dress is a dark navy velvet with an abstract etchings in it. This is a lovely dress.
The rest of this styling is Hair: Cornrows designed by boo Nakamura
Makeup- eyeshadow from silken moon and lipstick from HighLife
Jewelry Blk Storm Gold from Chop Zuey
Shoes: Sophia Heels from LIV-Glam: DE Boutique
This dress is the Ginevra dress. It's supper sexy and has an galactic look. Ms. Goor's dress says you can party in any dimension, just say "Beam me up Scotty". The matching arm gloves are a great accessory. The rest of my styling is the same as the Meryl dress. The photos were taken on a unique sim, I want to tell you about.
My last two photos were taken at the Sunrise Mansion Art Gallery and Museum sim. This is a unique sim which endeavors to tells the history of African Americans in the United States after the slave era.
The owners tell us about the migration and the areas settled by former slaves in areas like New Orleans and Gullah Island. She tells the stories with intelligence and style. The owner Indea Vaher, gives you a tour dressed in period clothing according to the area she is sharing. At the end of the tour is the memorial candles. Light a candle to remember a time or a loved one. I think you will be enlightened and surprised by this sim. It was a pleasure being there. Check it out.

This last styling is a mix and match using Goor Fashion Style's top, morgana. The top is colorful and abstract crop  halter with a bold collar. Now, using the top as my base this is the rest of my styling:
Hair: Dolce in black, designer-Thora Corran,
Sunglasses, Queen Bee from LIV-Glam
Makeup: Glamorize Get Lost (eyes and lips),designer-Micalia Darkrose
Jewelry, oval loop earring,-no designer noted., bracelet : Swallow in silver and black, designer- luciayes magic
The Leather jacket designer- Emy Burt (Click on ELF banner on the bottom to pick yours up)
Harem pants in royal blue, designer-Nigella Nightfire
Tote, Thea in Blue from LIV-Glam
Shoes: Clover Wedge Heels from LIV-Glam
This photo was taken on the London sim

Readers I shared a number of different designers and styling type. I hope you enjoyed this!
I leave you with "Love is where you Find it", Sang by Nancy Wilson.

Love Is Where You Find It / At Last by Nancy Wilson on Grooveshark