Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Merry Christmas with Goor Fashion Style!

Hi Readers,

Let me tell you the story about a Christmas tree angel. We will call her Bell. This story begins with Bell in the Winter Rock Festival sim in SL; enjoying the snow.
Bell was all decked out in her new Christmas tree pine from Goor Fashion Style. She wore her Christmas bulbs in an array of colors with red streamers and white lights. She topped it all off with a teddy bear on top.
Bell flit from tree to ice watching the people enjoy the snow. It brought her such joy because winter and Christmas are her favorite times of the year.

 As the people played Bell danced to the music and flew around until suddenly she felt a tug on her leg…who could it be? She was careful to not be seen. Bell twisted and turn trying to fly higher when she looked down and there was Santa. Bell looked at him and smiled; Santa had a big twinkle in his eye. He let go and Bell flew up higher and smiled watching the sun go down on a lovely day.

 If you want to be a Christmas Angel or a gift click on the Goor Fashion Style banner and pick up the Christmas outfit which includes boots as well.  
Bell is also wearing:

 Hairpiece from Boon- designer boo Nakamura

E’s Holly Ornament Hair- designer Elna Jolbey

Mesh Bangle SSD in Gold and red from Marketplace

 Errant –Merry Kissmas red lips and green eye shadow- designer Queer Thespian

Boots Adelaide Heels in red- from LIV-Glam’s Ivy Atelier (For Slink feet)
Red Wings designed by Timothy Starseeker

I leave you with it's Christmas Time in the Air Again sang by Mariah Carey...

Merry Christmas and to all a sweet night!
Christmas Time Is in the Air Again by Mariah Carey on Grooveshark

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