Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!!! 2015: Year of The Real Woman!

Hi Readers,

 2015 is the year of the real woman with real curves. A woman softer and in touch with her softer side. You know sometimes we need something to remind us; yes we can have it all, but we don't need to stress ourselves out doing it all. With that being said, I had a great holiday and enjoyed all my favorite foods and now I discovered I have some nice looking thighs and baby got back :). I think I will keep this look for a while and just enjoy me!

I found some outfits made for the woman who is curvy in all the right places. LAVian&Co. have designed a line for the natural beauty of the women.

Here I am wearing the Shake It Sister dress. The colors in this dress cascades from black to blue to touches of green and white. This dress is a comfy A-Line  with long sleeves and a short turtle neck. The high waist belt cinches the waist softening the look, accentuating the waist and roundness of the hips. You can find this dress at LAVian&Co and the Designer Showcase.
I accessorized with  Alejandra shoes in blue which accents the dress perfectly. These shoes are available at LAVian's main store and Weib Special Sale Room.  
I'm Every Woman by Whitney Houston on Grooveshark

The rest of my styling is:
Glamorize Forever Night Eye Makeup Creamy-Yoko Leeeroy, designer
October's 4Seasons Kinetic Creamy Kiss-October Bouvier, designer
VJ Salome Silver earrings-RKThings Crystal, designer
 Analog Dog dark brown
Tote is LIV-Glam Mariela blue and be found on marketplace

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