Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Said the spider to the PREY come into my layer I PREY!

come pick this outfit up at PREY main store. This outfit is called To THE PoINT!  You get a Bustier with breast spikes (makes you dangerous, but playful), 2 black arm braces and leather hugging and firming leggings. Designer, Adriel Huntress has created an outfit to lure your prey :).

Are you coming? Here is your limo :) PREY!

Here is my style card:
Polished Ponytail- designer, Tutys
Violator- I See You II- Makeup Black- designer, Soraya Vaher
Deesses Skin lipstick # 12
Achtung Black hat- designer, Aya Phang
Spiked Black Mesh Choker- designer, Lori Stanton
FINESMITH- Desire Hoop Silver- designer Yula
Silver Bracelet- designer, Jenni Eros
Riding Crop- designer, Elyania Ethaniel
Rebekah ankle boots in black LaVian Co


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