Saturday, February 7, 2015

You Can Make The Night with Deche's Valentine

Hi Readers,

I have a new item from a new line called Deche. The designer is Ivyana Szondi whose designs are very fashion forward. You will find classic lines with fresh colors that will make every body image look great. Ms. Szondi has created this beautiful dress called Valentine. This is a classically designed  heart strapless top with creamy beige draped fabric bodice. A spray of purple flowers hugs nicely over the left shoulder. The bottom is a straight skirt in deep wine of burgundy. This is a very elegant feminine dress ladies. My shoes are also designed by Ms. Szondi. The shoe is beige and the heel is deep burgundy called Fiona (need SLINK high feet). and is a perfect match for this dress.You Can't Make The Night (By Skakatak) without this one ..... Here is your limo
Rue La Page

Style Card:
 Slink French twist burnt- designer, Siddean Monro
Jewelry (earrings and bracelet) VJ Salome in silver- designer, rkthings Crystal
Makeup-Highlife purple lips and eyes- designer, farrahfoster
Jessica Clutch in beige from LIV-Glam and available on marketplace

Can't Make the Night by Shakatak on Grooveshark

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