Thursday, June 9, 2016

A couple of 4evers!

Sitting back thinking of you
Remembering the times we talked all night.
Places we seen, things we've done
Dreaming dreams
Wishing 4 a couple of 4 evers..

More than a moment.
A lifetime extended.
Intertwining mind, soul and body
Wishing 4 a couple of 4 evers..

You and Me...

                     Featured outfit is The ooops Nora Romper from Fulana's, I'm wearing the                                                         color Pink and Retro. There are 4 other colors

                             Featured Hunt Items from The Kenya Project sim hunt.  Bottom: Around the World Mesh Pillows with blanket 1L. Top Left *Beach umbrella with table & Environmental sounds and matching beach chairs with animations. 1L Come join the hunt!

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