Sunday, June 12, 2016

Did You Not Know?

I stand on the sands of the Sahara...
Feeling the wind...
The sand that encompasses,
the dust of my ancestors.

Should I cringe and hold back?
Should I not embrace my own face?
Should I run through the trees.... 
Not knowing I did it before...

A voice in my spirit spoke
Did you not know you are apart of the wind?
Did you not know the trees know your name?
Did you not know the stars shine bright for your notice?

You have yet to embrace..
Strength, Wisdom and Courage ...
to accept who you are..
Accept it....

Featured Outfit: Luxe Africa Set. New Release from LuxeParis
Hair from Unorthodox, Carter in Ginger (MP)
earring- Safari from MP-MP
necklace- Petrovic Tribal necklace-MP
bracelet- African jewelry Kenya Project
Shoes: Mine Shoes Hud for color change- MP

Be Safe!

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