Sunday, October 2, 2016

What's Stopping you??

You want to be great?
Stop thinking small..
You want to have influence?
Stop using what you have to cause trouble..
You want to build something lasting??
Stop tearing down someone else's thing..

You get what you are.
You can't build when you tear down with your tougue.
You may think my words are not true..
but even the wealthiest did well until
they began to tear down another..
They either have money
and no healthy family
or a healthy family and no money..

Learn to balance...
Lack of balance stops true growth..
Do you have balance??

This featured outfit is called the Alexis and can be found @ The Nightmare Event.

There is also a hunt going on too. Here is the Spider top ..Hunt the sim and find it.
Perfect addition  to your wardrobe. It's also @ The Nightmare Event.

<3- Bell

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