Thursday, December 22, 2016

This is Christmas...

Cooking in the kitchen..
Preparing the tree..
Spending time with family..
Listening and encouraging...
Sharing time and  catching up
It's how we start the holiday!


Preparing the gingerbread men with my daughter Max...

Featured outfit: [VM] Vero Modero Loose Mesh Sweater set (Flower).  The sweater is oversize for complete warmth and comfort with red leggings. Perfect for shopping on preparing for your many guests for Christmas day!

 Style Card: Max- Hair by EMO, Outfit from MP.
                    Bell- Hair from Envogue, Makeup from Madrid Solo (London Liner & Melancholy),                           Jewelry from Chop Zuey (Soul Infusion) and Shoes from Glamistry.

Now the snow begins and I LOVE SNOW!!!

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